The seminary is an institute for priestly formation. Candidates applying to join St. Mbaaga’s Major Seminary must therefore have a call – a vocation – to serve the Lord and the Church as ordained ministers. To be admitted for the theology course, a candidate must have completed his propaedeutic philosophy course or the full three years baccalaureate degree course in philosophy to be considered for theological studies at St. Mbaaga’s Major Seminary.

All prospective applicants for admission to St. Mbaaga’s Major Seminary must complete an admission application form available from their Vocation Directors. Applicants must request letters of recommendation from their sponsoring bishops, vocation directors, or religious superiors; from their Parish Priests; from the Rector of any seminary previously attended; and from a present employer or from a Principal or Headteacher at the last school they attended.

The Due consultations with the home Parish-Priest of the candidate, as well as with the Vocations Director of the respective Diocese must be carried out in view of joining the Seminary. The recommendations of these two are a pre-requisite for any successful application. After the applications have been forwarded through the Vocations Director’s office to the Seminary, the candidates are invited for an oral and written interview done at the seminary. The successful applicants are duly informed consequently.