Seminary Act, 1983

St. St. Mbaaga’s Seminary Ggaba which had been in existence since 1976, was incorporated in 1976 by an Act of the ……………………………. to which royal assent was given on February 16th of that year. By virtue of this Act, St. Mbaaga’s Seminary has the power to grant its bachelors degrees in theology, and in Philosophy affiliated to the Urbaniana University Rome.

St. Mbaaga’s Seminary and The Urban University Rome

St. Mbaaga’s Seminary was established by the Holy See’s Congregation of Catholic Education, in February 1976, as an autonomous Philosophical and Theological Institute with the special faculty to grant the academic degree of the Baccalaureate in Philosophy and Sacred Theology [S.T.B.]. By this faculty, St. Mbaaga’s Seminary’s mission is greatly enhanced in the priestly preparation and overall academic program.