Rector's Welcome Message

Welcome to the website of St. Mbaaga’s Major Seminary, Ggaba-Kampala. St. Mbaaga’s Major seminary belongs to Kampala Archdiocese, but accepts students from other dioceses inside and outside Uganda. We have over 180 students from over 16 dioceses and different Religious Congregations. In the past we have had students from Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan and Rwanda. So far over 260 priests have passed through this seminary and are active in the pastoral ministry in their dioceses. Among the outstanding old students are two bishops: The Rt. Rev. Paul Ssemogerere, Bishop of Kasana Luweero and the Rt. Rev. Christopher Kakooza, Bishop of Lugazi Diocese.

The original purpose- which the seminary still maintains up to this day – was to cater for late vocations to the priesthood in the Archdiocese of Kampala. What actually gave rise to this initiative was the ever-growing number of adults who had not had the chance of attending a Minor Seminary, yet felt the call to serve the Church as ordained priests. The seminary was thus officially opened on 16th February 1976, being put under the patronage of Saint Mbaaga, one of the first 22 Uganda Martyrs, canonized by Pope VI on 18th October 1964.

The site of the seminary was originally belonged to the Mill Hill Missionaries. And most of the buildings at this seminary which were built in the 1930s are now very old. With the present number of students our seminary is quite full, as far as accommodation is concerned. The seminary has up to now had three residential houses or dormitories for students, with a total number of 60 rooms. As the number of candidates increased by the years, it became clear that the three houses were no longer sufficient.

With increased intakes, students have to share rooms and some structures have been transformed into sleep quarters. On one block, fifteen (15) students occupy a former Rector’s office; thirteen (13) students occupy a former Dean of Studies’ office and Seven (7) seminarians reside in a former bookstore. Some of the roofs of these edifices leak during rainy seasons making it more dangerous for the occupants! The remaining seventy five (75) seminarians are squeezed in three dormitories which were renovated a few years back as already mentioned above.

The seminary has embarked on the project of constructing a New Dormitory that can host 80 seminarians in larger and more decent rooms and about 8 staff members. Besides a computer lab and residences for lectures, the upper floor shall have an assembly hall that can accommodate 250 people. Hopefully when this new dormitory is completed, the accommodation problem at St. Mbaaga Seminary will be solved once and for all.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Sserunjogi (PhD)